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Nigerian Rapper N6 Criticizes Sophia Momodu Over Leaked Conversation with Davido’s Father

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Nigerian Rapper N6 Criticizes Sophia Momodu Over Leaked Conversation with Davido’s Father

a well-known Nigerian rapper and OAP, has publicly criticized Sophia Momodu, the first babymama of musician Davido, following a leaked conversation with Davido's father-in-law.

The controversy arose after Sophia shared a WhatsApp chat with Davido's father amid her custody battle with Davido. In the conversation, Davido's father requested that their daughter, Imade, spend Christmas 2023 with his family. Sophia declined, stating that she had already made arrangements for her daughter and would need at least two months' notice, along with Davido fulfilling his commitments, for Imade to spend Christmas with them in the future.

In his response, Davido's father expressed understanding and acknowledged the short notice but emphasized the importance of shared custody for Imade's well-being.

N6 took to social media to criticize Sophia's demand for a two-month notice for future Christmas visits. He highlighted what he saw as hypocrisy, pointing out that Sophia spends N25 million annually on her luxury apartment yet requires a Range Rover from Davido because she does not own a vehicle. He questioned why Sophia could not move to a less expensive home and buy a car instead.

In another tweet, N6 praised Davido's father for his maturity and compassionate message, criticizing Sophia's response as undeserved. He wrote:

"You are telling your daughter’s 67-year-old grandfather to give you 2 months’ notice before you allow her to attend his yearly Christmas party. Omo. Uncle Deji is a gentleman to his last bone marrow. His message was so loving, heartwarming, and empathetic; it did not deserve her reply at all.

You pay N25 million a year for your luxury apartment but need a Range Rover from your baby daddy because you don’t have a car. The Range was always so bad, so you had to rent a jeep for a month to take your child to school. Why not move to a N10m a year crib and buy a N15m car?"

The incident has sparked widespread discussion on social media, with many weighing in on the ongoing custody battle and the responsibilities of co-parenting.

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