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Renaissance University Holds 17th Matriculation Ceremony Today 1st June 2024

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The 17th matriculation ceremony at Renaissance University unfolded in a grand fashion, marking a significant milestone for new students joining the academic community. The event began with a vibrant procession of the matriculating students, who were followed by the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor Professor Thaddeus Chukwuka Eze, and other distinguished dignitaries of the institution.

The ceremony commenced with an opening prayer led by Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma (OON), setting a solemn and respectful tone for the day's proceedings. Following the prayer, a traditional Igbo cultural practice, the breaking of the kola, was conducted by Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma (OON). This practice , deeply embedded in Igbo culture, symbolizes hospitality, respect, and the commencement of important events.

Students During Procession 

The procession and the ceremonial activities underscored the university's commitment to blending academic excellence with cultural heritage. The presence of high-profile dignitaries highlighted the importance of the occasion, marking the official start of the academic journey for the new students.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Thaddeus Chukwuka Eze

In his address, Vice-Chancellor Professor Thaddeus Chukwuka Eze welcomed the students and emphasized the institution's dedication to nurturing their academic and personal growth. He encouraged the new entrants to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the university and to strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

The ceremony was a blend of solemn tradition and joyful celebration, reflecting Renaissance University's vibrant community and its commitment to academic and cultural excellence.

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