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Hanks Anuku: The Viral Video That Nearly Ruined His Career

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Hanks Anuku


Hanks Anuku, a renowned Nollywood actor, faced a significant career setback and personal turmoil after a viral video falsely depicted him as mentally unstable. The video, which showed Anuku in tattered clothes, seemingly talking to himself, led to widespread rumors about his mental health. This article delves into the incident, its aftermath, and the actor's journey to reclaim his reputation.

The Viral Video Incident

The Video's Content and Initial Reactions

In 2022, a video surfaced online showing Hanks Anuku dressed in ragged clothes and appearing to be talking to himself. The video quickly went viral, with many people speculating that the actor was suffering from mental health issues.

Public Outcry and Media Coverage

The video generated significant media attention, with numerous news outlets and social media platforms discussing Anuku's alleged mental instability. The public's concern grew, and the narrative of Anuku's supposed mental health crisis spread rapidly.

Shan George's Intervention

Shan George Debunks the Claims

Shortly after the video's release, Nollywood actress Shan George publicly refuted the claims, stating that Anuku was not insane. She emphasized that the video did not accurately represent Anuku's mental state.

Mixed Reactions to Shan George's Statement

Despite Shan George's efforts to clarify the situation, her statement received mixed reactions. Some people believed her, while others remained skeptical and continued to speculate about Anuku's mental health.

Adanma Luke and AGN's Investigation

Adanma Luke's Counterclaim

Actress Adanma Luke countered Shan George's statement, asserting that there might be some truth to the rumors. This conflicting information further fueled the controversy.

Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Investigation

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) decided to investigate the matter to ascertain the truth. Their involvement highlighted the seriousness of the situation and the need for an official resolution.

Hanks Anuku's Revelation

Conversation with Lucky Udu

In a conversation with Facebook content creator Lucky Udu, which went viral on Sunday, Anuku addressed the incident. He revealed that the video was taken from a movie set where he was preparing for a role as a mentally unstable character.

Explanation of the Video's Context

Anuku explained that he was getting into character for an upcoming role by immersing himself in the environment and meditating. He clarified that his appearance and behavior in the video were part of his method acting process.

Personal Impact on Hanks Anuku

Loss of Friends and Professional Contacts

Anuku lamented the personal and professional fallout from the viral video. He mentioned losing friends and professional contacts as producers and colleagues distanced themselves from him.

Emotional and Psychological Toll

The actor shared that the incident left him heartbroken and in pain. He expressed deep sorrow over the loss of opportunities and the isolation he experienced as a result of the false rumors.

The Aftermath

Damage to Career and Reputation

The incident severely damaged Anuku's career. He faced a significant loss of job opportunities, and his reputation in the industry was tarnished.

Efforts to Rebuild

Anuku has been working to rebuild his career and restore his public image. He continues to engage with fans and the media to set the record straight and move past the incident.


Hanks Anuku's experience underscores the power and potential harm of viral misinformation. The false portrayal of his mental health had far-reaching consequences on his personal and professional life. As he continues to rebuild, his story serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions.

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