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Army Rescues 386 Abductees, Including Women and Children, from Sambisa Forest After Decade in Captivity

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In a significant breakthrough, the Nigerian Army conducted a meticulous 10-day operation titled "Operation Desert Sanity III," aimed at clearing the notorious Sambisa Forest of terrorist remnants. Brigadier General Abubakar Haruna, the acting GOC 7 Division, addressed the media on the outskirts of Sambisa forest in Konduga LGA, where he revealed the outcome of the operation.

Haruna commended the troops' dedication and professionalism in executing the operation, which not only targeted the eradication of terrorism but also provided an opportunity for surrender to those willing to lay down their arms. Troops from various units, including the 21 Special Armoured Brigade, 26 Task Force Brigade, and 199 Special Forces, participated in the mission.

The rescue operation yielded a staggering result, with 386 civilians, predominantly women and children, freed from captivity. Many of them had been held captive for a decade, enduring unimaginable hardships under the grip of terrorists. General Haruna expressed optimism that the number of rescued individuals would continue to rise as operations persisted.

Testimonies from some of the rescued individuals shed light on the harrowing experiences endured during their captivity. Despite enduring a decade of captivity, they expressed gratitude for their newfound freedom and praised the efforts of the Nigerian Army in liberating them from the clutches of terrorism.

As the operation concluded, General Haruna reiterated the Army's commitment to ensuring the complete eradication of terrorist elements from Sambisa Forest and surrounding areas. He urged the troops to maintain the momentum and uphold their professionalism in securing the region against future threats.

The successful rescue mission marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against terrorism in Nigeria, highlighting the unwavering determination of the Nigerian Army to safeguard the lives and well-being of its citizens.

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