Edo 2024: The Entrance Of Michael Osaghae Ehigiade, MOE.

Few or no opportunities are left for youths in Nigeria to emerge as candidates for elective offices because they have limited experience and resources.

The perception across the political space is that the only narrow way perhaps, is when they are hugely backed by political heavyweights.

Those without such backgrounds, seldom make headway except miraculously.

This, according to a sentiment shared by most citizens has grossly affected the ambitions of the majority of youths who are desirous to test the water.

However, a 2008 Political Science graduate of Ambrose Alli University, AAU, Ekpoma, Michael Osaghae Ehigiade, MOE, is convinced that he can muscle his way to the seat of power in the 2024 governorship election in the state.

MOE who hails from Ebelle Community in Igueben Local Government Council and preparing to contest the available seat after Governor Godwin Obaseki's tenure would have expired in 2024, under the All Progressive Congress, APC, believes that youths have significant roles to play in governance and building a better Edo State.

He noted that with the few consultations he has made with his party, and leaders in the Edo Central zone, there is hope to align his aims to express his world to be people's friendly policies

The Federal government of Nigeria last May ratified a constitutional amendment that reduced the age limit for governors and senators from 35 to 30 and for the president from 40 to 35, as well as the state legislators and those in the federal House of Representatives from 30 years to 25 years.

MOE knowing the implication of the amendment said, Young people can no longer be spectators, cheerleaders, and campaign merchants in the democratic process

He argued that the 2024 Governorship election no doubt will spring up surprises and upsets just like what was witnessed during the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections in the country.

Preparations may be gradually taking shape ahead of the Edo state Governorship election, but with many rooting for the Esan Speaking Area for fairness and equity, hopes are high for Ehigiade to emerge as the standard bearer of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the forthcoming gubernatorial election given the huge speculations

MOE like the strongest of the big cats, the jaguar takes on a mighty beatsor its next meal.

With his eyes set on a crocodile, a fight for survival begins between the numerous apex predators. 

Ehigiade like other aspirants, a cheetah must hunt to feed her cheetah cubs first, but vowed to dislodge political inequality which is an uphill task in a country like Nigeria.

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