Napoli's Social Media Executive Resigns Amid Controversy Over Offensive TikTok Videos Targeting Victor Osimhen

Napoli's Social Media Executive Resigns Amid Controversy Over Offensive TikTok Videos Targeting Victor Osimhen

Napoli, the Serie A football club, has seen its social media executive step down from his position following the uproar caused by offensive TikTok videos that were directed at Super Eagles striker, Victor Osimhen. The videos, which mocked Osimhen for a missed penalty, stirred significant controversy this week.


1. Offensive TikTok Videos:

The controversy began when Napoli's official TikTok account posted videos that ridiculed their star striker, Victor Osimhen, for his penalty miss during a match against Bologna.

2. First Video:

The initial video featured a sped-up audio clip of Osimhen appealing for a penalty, accompanied by the caption 'Gimme penalty please.' The video then showed the striker missing the penalty by a wide margin.

3. Second Offensive Video:

A second video, which was later removed but had already circulated online, drew further criticism. It compared Osimhen to a 'coconut,' a term widely regarded as a racial slur.

4. Social Media Executive Resigns:

In response to the controversy, Napoli's social media executive, Alessio Fortino, has resigned from his role. Fortino confirmed his departure through a post on his personal Instagram account, expressing gratitude for the experience and looking forward to new adventures.

5. Napoli's Response:

Napoli has addressed the incident, stating that they did not intend to mock Victor Osimhen. However, the club has refrained from issuing a public apology in connection with the videos.

6. Fallout and Public Reaction:

The offensive TikTok videos have sparked a public outcry and discussions regarding the responsibility of football clubs in maintaining respectful and inclusive communication on their social media platforms.

7. Calls for Awareness and Sensitivity:

Advocacy groups and fans have called for heightened awareness and sensitivity regarding the content shared by football clubs on social media, emphasizing the need for respectful and non-discriminatory communication.


The resignation of Napoli's social media executive, Alessio Fortino, marks a significant development in the aftermath of offensive TikTok videos targeting Victor Osimhen. The incident has ignited a broader conversation about the responsibility of sports clubs in promoting respectful communication on their digital platforms and the importance of raising awareness about discriminatory content.

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